Sam Altman’s Eye-Scanning Blockchain Side Gig

In the world of tech entrepreneurs, diversification isn’t just a strategy; it’s a way of life. 


These visionaries continually push the envelope, venturing into new territories with ideas that sound like they’re straight out of a sci-fi novel. 


One such tech leader, previously the president of a renowned startup incubator and currently heading an artificial intelligence research lab, has embarked on a unique side gig, combining three of the most discussed areas in technology: blockchain, biometrics, and universal basic income (UBI).


The concept sounds straight-forward, but is deeply complex. 


It involves a futuristic-looking device that scans a person’s eyes, creating a unique biometrically-verified identity. 


This identity is then linked to a blockchain-based system for distributing a digital currency as UBI, ensuring that the same person doesn’t claim the benefit twice.


The tech entrepreneur leading this ambitious project is Sam Altman, the former president of Y Combinator and the current CEO of OpenAI. 


His new venture is Worldcoin (WLDWUSD), a project aiming to create a new, globally distributed cryptocurrency.


Worldcoin has sparked interest and skepticism in equal measures. 


Its objective is to distribute this new digital currency to every person on earth, creating a sort of universal basic income. 


To claim Worldcoin, individuals need to look into a device known as the “Orb,” which uses an eye scanner to create a unique identifier based on their iris. 


This, according to the Worldcoin team, is to ensure fair distribution and prevent fraud.


Worldcoin is an audacious project and like any early-stage venture, it comes with significant risks. 


However, Altman’s track record of backing successful startups and his current role leading OpenAI lends credibility to the project. 


Blockchain enthusiasts and investors willing to take on risk for potentially high rewards may find this project intriguing.


Despite the uncertainty, Worldcoin represents a fascinating convergence of several cutting-edge tech trends: blockchain, biometrics, and the concept of universal basic income. 


For those interested in these fields, it’s a project to keep an eye on.


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