Look for the Signs

Advertising is everywhere. 


On your television, your smartphone, even on the side of the highway. 


It’s a ubiquitous part of modern life and a multi-billion dollar industry. 


While the spotlight often falls on digital advertising, there’s another form of advertising that continues to prove its worth – outdoor advertising.


Think about the billboards you pass on your daily commute or the signs you see in high traffic areas. 


These forms of advertising aren’t just effective for businesses; they can also be profitable for investors.


Consider an opportunity to invest in a company that commands a significant share of this market, with thousands of billboards across North America and an international presence. 


A company that not only capitalizes on the enduring value of outdoor advertising but also rewards its shareholders with a consistent income stream.

This opportunity is Lamar Advertising Company (LAMR), one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the world. 


Lamar’s portfolio includes over 350,000 billboards, logos, transit advertising, and airport displays across the United States and Canada.


While digital advertising has taken the world by storm, outdoor advertising remains an effective and vital part of many businesses’ marketing strategies. 


Lamar’s wide reach and variety of advertising options make it a key player in this space.


As a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Lamar is required to distribute a significant portion of its profits to shareholders. 


This means that in addition to potential capital appreciation, investors can also look forward to a consistent dividend, making Lamar a potential source of income as well as growth.


Investing in Lamar does come with risks, including the impact of economic downturns on advertising budgets and competition from digital advertising. 


However, the resilience of outdoor advertising and Lamar’s extensive portfolio and consistent dividend make it a compelling consideration for investors seeking both income and exposure to the advertising industry.

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