How to Build a Room-Folio

Hotels are the backbone of the $9.25 trillion global travel and tourism industry. 


Their omnipresence in every city, town, and even remote corner of the world makes them a familiar sight to all. 


Yet, the hotel industry has been largely ignored by individual investors. 


This is mostly due to the high entry barriers – owning a hotel is an expensive proposition that is beyond the reach of most individual investors.


Now imagine if you could own a piece of this industry without the need to buy a physical property, deal with the management, or worry about the occupancy rates. 


It’s about flipping the idea of real estate investing on its head, focusing on the rooms and not the entire property. 


This innovative concept is being introduced by a platform that is democratizing access to hotel real estate investing.


Enter Hoken, a platform that aims to change the way people invest in the hotel industry. 


Hoken is introducing the concept of flipping hotel rooms as a new asset class, allowing individual investors to earn from the growing hospitality industry.


With Hoken, you can purchase individual hotel rooms in prime properties located in high-demand markets. 


You can then profit from these rooms through resale or the income generated from their occupation. 


This is the same basic principle used in real estate flipping, where an investor purchases a property with the intention of selling it for a profit, but applied to individual hotel rooms.


This unique approach to real estate investing presents several advantages. 


It offers a lower entry point than traditional real estate investing, as you’re purchasing individual rooms rather than an entire property. 


It also provides a potential steady income stream from the room occupancy and the possibility of capital appreciation when you decide to sell the room.


Moreover, with Hoken’s model, investors don’t have to worry about the management or maintenance of the rooms, as these aspects are handled by the hotel management.


Hoken’s innovative concept brings the lucrative hotel industry within reach of individual investors. 


It’s a game-changing idea that could reshape the real estate investment landscape by opening up new opportunities in the hospitality industry.

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