Zero Maintenance Real Estate Investing

Real estate is widely recognized as a valuable asset class. 


However, investing in it often requires significant capital, real estate knowledge, and a willingness to deal with the headaches that come with property management. 


But what if you could get the benefits of real estate ownership – steady income, potential for appreciation – without the hassles of dealing with tenants or property maintenance? 


A certain type of real estate investment is offering precisely this.


This investment opportunity stems from a unique lease structure, where the tenant pays most of the property expenses directly, including real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance costs in addition to the rent. 


This arrangement allows the property owner to receive a steady, predictable stream of rental income with fewer unexpected costs or interruptions.


Broadstone Net Lease, Inc. (BNL) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that is championing this type of investment structure, known as “net lease.” 


Operating within the robust REITs market, Broadstone acquires and holds properties that are subject to these long-term net leases, offering investors a way to access this stable income-generating strategy.


Broadstone’s portfolio spans a diverse array of industries, including healthcare, industrial, restaurant, office, and retail. 


This diversity helps spread risk and provides resilience against economic downturns.


One of the most compelling aspects of a net lease investment like Broadstone is the predictable income it can generate. 


The net lease structure usually involves long-term agreements, often with rent increases built in. 


This translates into consistent, reliable income for investors, a feature particularly appealing in the current low-interest-rate environment.


Investing in a REIT like Broadstone also has potential tax advantages. 


REITs are required to distribute at least 90% of their taxable income to shareholders annually in the form of dividends. 


For investors, this can mean a high-yield income stream in addition to the potential for capital appreciation.


With these attributes, Broadstone Net Lease, Inc. is at the forefront of the net lease revolution, providing a potentially profitable and hassle-free route into real estate investment.

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