Two Media Companies Poised for a Turnaround (And One to Avoid)

Hold onto your Mickey ears. 


In a bombshell revelation, the mighty giants of the media world, Disney and Warner Bros., are about to make a big comeback in the stock market. 


And the mastermind behind this prediction? 


None other than the razor-sharp analyst from Raymond James, Ric Prentiss.


After a few turbulent years of these media mammoths wrestling with the ever-evolving world of streaming, Prentiss delivers a spicy take that Disney (DIS) and Warner Bros. (WBD) stocks are the ones to scoop up now. 




Because the “expected cash flow growth is compelling,” and the deals have never been hotter since the valuations plummeted.


But here’s where things get interesting. 


Prentiss slapped Disney with a whopping $97 price target because Disney’s genius strategy of bundling services promises a jackpot of higher revenues. 


And let’s not forget the GEM of their arsenal: Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. 


These biggies will keep those dollars rolling in for the House of Mouse.


And Warner Bros? 


A sizzling $19 price target. 


The star-crossed merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery has birthed a goliath in streaming, combining the mighty HBO Max and Discovery+. 


This power couple is set to pull in more subscribers and rake in big bucks. 


With smash-hits like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings under their belt, Warner is poised to dominate.


But there’s a twist. 


While Disney and Warner are gearing up to take the world by storm, there’s ONE company Prentiss says we should be wary of: Paramount (PARA). 


And it’s all because of the fading star of linear TV. 


Once a golden goose, the traditional TV biz is in a nosedive. 


And that spells trouble for Paramount’s future.


While Disney and Warner are set to make waves, Paramount remains a flatliner in the market.


The roller coaster of the media stock world is about to take a big turn – will you be on board?

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