Traveling the Asset-Backed Lending Highway


In the landscape of investments, the bond market might not be as flashy as stocks or as cryptic as digital currencies, but it has proven to be a reliable source of income for investors over the years. 

Yet, within this realm of fixed income, there is an under-the-radar opportunity that merges the stability of bonds with the tangibility of physical assets.

Imagine an investment that allows you to finance tangible assets, things you can touch, see, and understand, and in return, you receive a steady stream of income. 

An opportunity to invest in notes backed by real assets, moving goods and dreams across the country.

You would not just be investing in any asset, but assets that are essential for countless people and businesses relocating their lives or operations. 

Now, what if these assets had a trusted name attached to them? 

A name that is as recognizable on the highways as it is on Main Street.

The investment we’re referring to is U-Haul Investors Club, a platform that offers investors the opportunity to invest in U-Notes, asset-backed securities issued by one of America’s most iconic moving and storage companies.

The U-Notes offered by the U-Haul Investors Club are unique in the sense that they are backed by the physical assets of the company, such as moving trucks, trailers, and real estate. 

These assets provide a level of security to the investment and are a crucial part of U-Haul’s operations.

The returns on these U-Notes come in the form of interest payments, offering a steady stream of income for investors. 

Additionally, because these notes are tied to tangible assets, they provide a level of protection in case of the company’s insolvency.

However, as with all investments, U-Notes come with risks. 

While the asset-backed nature of the notes provides some security, they are still subject to credit risk, interest rate risk, and the overall performance of U-Haul as a company.

The U-Haul Investors Club provides a unique investment opportunity for those seeking a steady income stream backed by physical assets. 

It’s a chance to invest in the heart of American mobility, earning interest while supporting the services that help millions of people move each year.

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