Four Lesser Known AI Stocks That Could Hand You a Big Win


Let’s talk about some interesting companies you can invest in, in the field of artificial intelligence (AI)!

First up, we have Baidu, a Chinese tech company known for operating the largest search engine in China.

Baidu has been investing in AI for years and recently announced the launch of its own AI chatbot called ERNIE bot or Wenxin Yiyan. It uses a language model developed internally by Baidu. Similar to Amazon and Google, Baidu also has a cloud computing unit that supports various AI capabilities.

Next, we have C3 AI, which provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for developing, deploying, and running enterprise-scale AI applications. They offer purpose-driven software suites for optimizing supply chains, improving energy efficiency, and industry-specific solutions for financial services and oil and gas. Interestingly, C3 AI has a partnership with Alphabet, the parent company of Google. They collaborate on developing new AI applications using Google Cloud infrastructure, and all C3 AI applications are available on Google Cloud.

IBM is another major player in the AI field.

Through its Watson products, IBM offers AI and machine learning (ML) services to help its customers make better decisions and increase profitability. They have a portfolio of Watson AI solutions that enhance customer service, predict outcomes, and automate workflow processes. Enterprise customers can also utilize IBM’s Watson Studio to build and scale their own proprietary AI applications. IBM has made several AI-related acquisitions in recent years, including Turbonomic, Instana, and

Lastly, we have Micron Technology, a company that specializes in high-performance memory and storage hardware used in AI solutions. Their products are utilized in data centers and even self-driving cars. Micron Technology expanded its AI portfolio with the acquisition of startup FWDNXT in 2019. The hardware and software solutions developed by FWDNXT power deep learning and neural networks.

These companies are making significant contributions to the AI landscape, each with its own unique offerings and areas of focus.

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